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Award Winning

SierraMaya360 was named 2015’s Best Tech, Media & Entertainment VC — USA for a reason. We are unlike any other VC both in our design and in our execution, with two major unfair advantages. SierraMaya360 not only identifies emerging startups long before they hit other VC’s radars, but we also strategically integrate and accelerate those companies into exceptional opportunities in Hollywood, sports and media through our deep and trusted rolodex. We encircle our portfolio companies with our one-of-a-kind 360 approach, affording those startups every opportunity to succeed.

The Value from Hollywood, Sports, Media and Entertainment




The worlds of entrepreneurship, technology, Hollywood and sports are colliding like never before. From actors like Jessica Alba and Ashton Kutcher to musicians like Jared Leto and Jay-Z, and from athletes like Stephen Curry, Serena Williams and Derek Jeter to organizations like the LA Dodgers, the arenas of cutting edge innovation are no longer bound by the reach of Silicon Valley. Our team is on the national and international forefront of these emerging trends, with deep roots and ingrained networks in technology, Hollywood, sports and entrepreneurship. We are accelerating the collision of these communities, fostering connection, cooperation, collaboration and opportunity at every intersection.

Founding Companies




Actors, athletes, musicians and entertainers are broadening their reach and interests, identifying opportunities in the market and creating new and exciting ventures.

Investment & Advisory




Celebrities are discovering that their value goes well beyond entertainment, using their experience, networks and capital to accelerate growth in early stage companies.

Endorsement & PR




The critical role of celebrity endorsement is being taken one step further, integrating personalities well beyond the surface of organizations to drive real value.

We approach investments hands-on, empowering companies to focus on their central objectives by surrounding them with every tool. Our team innovates, motivates and accelerates the VC/entrepreneur relationship, providing the experience, expertise and network assets startups need early on. This powerful advantage gives emerging companies powerful and tangible resources to gain an unfair advantage, achieve rapid growth and thrive.

SierraMaya360 has been one of the most active investors we’ve had at Wefunder. Their team is constantly on the lookout for new opportunities we may be able to take advantage of and gives us valuable feedback on our business along the way. In short, they have been great.

Mike Norman

CEO & Founder, WeFunder

I can easily say they’ve been one of our favorite investors. Founder-friendly closing process and super helpful with introductions to investors and to relevant, industry-specific biz dev contacts. Very encouraging and willing to get down and dirty. Highly recommend SierraMaya360 if you’re able to get their attention. Keep an eye out for Amish on CNBC; he’s on there almost every other week.

Sean Wycliffe

CEO & Founder, DealFlicks

Amish and Eric have been great seed investors who invested in us early when we were first starting out and have really helped spread the Skycatch message on TV and online to educate everyone on the Drone industry. We look forward to building on our relationship for the future using their 360 approach and getting Skycatch Drones into Sports, Hollywood and Beyond.

Christian Sanz

CEO & Founder, Skycatch

Unique Investment Opportunities




SierraMaya360 differs from most VCs because of our Partners’ rolodex and trust, which affords us opportunities across all verticals. We find forward thinking companies with products and services both within and beyond high tech.

Beverages & Spirits


Fashion & Beauty


Virtual Reality

Cash Gaming


Entertainment Venues & Tech


Healthcare Tech



Influencer Marketing


Augmented Reality



Branded Video Content


Machine Learning

Leadership by Experience

Our partners have founded, funded, pivoted, scaled and successfully exited from startups, giving them the hands-on experience and the know-how to successfully grow early stage companies. Our experience and expertise is a guide to many of our portfolio companies.

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